A Celebration Through Employee Engagement for BCG Indonesia

A Celebration Through Employee Engagement for BCG Indonesia

Reaching a significant milestone for a company can be the time for reflection, celebration, and giving back to the community. On their 60th anniversary, BCG Indonesia went above and beyond via employee engagement activities that not only celebrated their achievements but also showcased their commitment to sustainability.

The anniversary celebration featured a series of upcycling workshops, during which employees were encouraged to explore their creative side while focusing on sustainability. The workshops included creating tawashi sponges, pet toys, and rag bowls from the rescued T-shirts.

Joined by 40 participants, the upcycling workshops showcased a notable aspect of BCG Indonesia's anniversary celebration with more than 175 T-shirts being rescued from ending up in landfill. 

Liberty Society’s collaboration with BCG Indonesia realized a celebration with a purpose. This is a reminder of how corporate milestones can be marked by a promise of sustainability and employee engagement. 

Do you want to share the same commitment? Tell us and explore more engaging sustainable initiatives that work for your company.

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