Liberty Society X Blibli Langkah Membumi Campaign Creates a Wave of New Potential Market

Liberty Society X Blibli Langkah Membumi Campaign Creates a Wave of New Potential Market

In 2022, Liberty Society and Blibli Cinta Bumi created Langkah Membumi as a collaborative campaign to give back to the planet & humankind. With the power combo between production, e-commerce, and consumers, we succeeded in spreading the message of conscious consumerism. The 4-week exhibition was held at ASHTA District 8 from 11th November–4th December 2022.



Incredible facts about Langkah Membumi campaign:

  • 500 kgs of e-commerce waste collected
  • 2,000 products created
  • 400,000+ foot traffic impressions

During the exhibition, visitors got the chance to learn about waste management, including how to turn e-commerce waste into a new product. We upcycled and sold multi-purpose tote bags, pouches, mobile phone holders, and laptop sleeve cases.



Langkah Membumi was the first ESG initiative under Blibli Tiket, where Blibli,, and Rach Market created a united vision to be Indonesia's first eco-friendly e-commerce ecosystem.

Blibli VP of Public Relations Yolanda Nainggolan was happy to mention that the event has supported SGD goal lists by the United Nations, including Responsible Consumption and Production, and Decent Work and Economic Growth. What's more, the exhibition has received high enthusiasm from consumers. Blibli Cinta Bumi eco hub website's visitors number increased drastically during the one-month event. At the same time, more than 15 green artisans were onboarded to become Blibli Merchants. 

The wave of the new potential market shows how green campaigns can also benefit companies. "Sustainability can become a norm, not just a trend, when corporations collaborate with a social business like us," said Tamara Gondo, CEO of Liberty Society. 

Lisa Widodo, COO and Co-founder of Blibli, said that the company has realized that addressing climate change requires much collaboration. "Synergizing from the production line to our customers to be actively involved. We believe that if we continue to do this, every little step can greatly impact sustainability."

Langkah Membumi campaign was covered by 30 media outlets generating 53 news clips with a PR value of Rp 1,196,675,000. Media attendees included 1st tier media, such as Bisnis Indonesia,,,,,, and 

Companies that do green initiatives will appeal to a new market. It will increase profitability and brand loyalty in the long term. Are you ready to create a green campaign? Liberty-Society can help to tailor a plan and craft products that suit your brand!

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