Investing in ESG: How to Get Started

Investing in ESG: How to Get Started

The increasing focus on sustainability in the business landscape is a direct response to the latest regulations implemented by the Indonesian government on sustainable business practices. Currently, 60% of Indonesian companies acknowledge the significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities. However, despite this awareness, many find it challenging to implement these principles into practical actions. The intricacies, expenses, and resource requirements associated with ESG make its implementation a complex undertaking.

To address this challenge, Liberty Society partnered with the Match Initiative, a group of experts based in Singapore with diverse backgrounds, committed to assisting businesses in transitioning from unsustainable practices to more conscientious and sustainable strategies. In pursuit of this objective, we organised a special webinar to disseminate best practices in sustainability, simplifying the ESG concept and encouraging businesses to take the crucial first step.

One of the things that we discussed was how ESG is often misconstrued as a cost burden. However, businesses should perceive ESG as a long-term investment that yields tangible benefits. Embracing sustainability practices enhances brand reputation, mitigates risks, attracts investors, and drives innovation. Therefore, positioning ESG as an investment in sustainable growth and resilience is paramount for strategic business development.

Mimi from The Matcha Initiatives shared how their journey began from a shared passion for creating impactful change by guiding businesses toward more sustainable practices. She realised the critical need for simplifying sustainability solutions to bridge the gap between awareness and action. This aligned with what Liberty Society does to create solutions for companies who want to make the first step in ESG.


For those seeking further guidance in initiating their ESG journey, Liberty Society offers an ESG guidebook along with success stories from our clients. To access these resources, kindly fill out the form or reach out to us directly.

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