UNIQLO Joined Hands with Liberty Society to Tackle Fashion Waste Problem

UNIQLO Joined Hands with Liberty Society to Tackle Fashion Waste Problem

Fashion garment production lines often leave many offcuts fabrics that end up in the wasteland. It is unavoidable since garments are made of patterns before being sewn together. The fact is around 15% of textiles intended for the final garment end up unused. Companies can only recycle offcuts if the brand establishes circular systems or partnerships to bring the offcuts back to the production line. If no action is taken now, the fashion industry's global emissions will likely be doubled by the end of the decade.

To find a better solution, UNIQLO Indonesia joined hands with Liberty Society to convert leftover denim offcuts into new upcycled accessories. We succeeded in creating upcycled cardholders and pouches from the offcuts.



Stitched together by our refugee makers, these products are made to empower refugee communities all around Indonesia. Through every purchase, UNIQLO Indonesia reinvests profits to UNHCR, The UN refugee agent that aims to support and improve refugee livelihoods. The items were featured at UNIQLO's newly opened store at Pondok Indah Mall in 2021.




The collaboration promotes sustainable fashion and women's empowerment at the same time through the involvement of our makers. Liberty Society works together with refugee communities in Indonesia and gives them the training they need to be productive. 10% of Liberty Society's profits are also reinvested into our production house, "House of Freedom," a safe facility for the refugees to work on our projects.

We help companies to find sustainable solutions and create initiatives to meet their SGDs goals and do CSR. Connect with us to discuss all the possibilities!

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