Upcycle Plastic Bottles into Vests for Le Minerale #JadiBaruLagi Campaign

Upcycle Plastic Bottles into Vests for Le Minerale #JadiBaruLagi Campaign

In the pursuit of a more sustainable future, innovative solutions are arising in various industries. Le Minerale PT Tirta Fresindo Jaya, a subsidiary of the Mayora Group, has taken a significant step towards environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 

Through their #JadiBaruLagi campaign on World Environment Day 2023, Le Minerale shared an initiative to upcycle their polyethylene terephthalate (or “PET”) bottles into new items. With our help, they managed to save 800 used disposable water bottles and turned them into vests–all, while supporting our makers’ livelihoods. 

This shows their efforts in raising awareness of upcycling initiatives and contributing to Gerakan Ekonomi Sirkular Nasional (GESN) or the National Movement for a Circular Economy.

As plastic waste concerns keep growing worldwide, Le Minerale has taken a step forward and demonstrated a creative approach to addressing the issue.

Liberty Society is pleased to collaborate with industry to meet their ESG goals, taking in a more sustainable and responsible future. Need our help? Simply reach out to us for a free consultation!

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