Enhance Your Brand Value with Upcycled Merchandise

Enhance Your Brand Value with Upcycled Merchandise

94% of Millennial consumers have become increasingly conscious of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the environment and society, according to Submittable. As a result, companies are demanded to demonstrate their commitment in sustainable practices. One way to showcase this commitment is through your choice of corporate merchandise. 

That’s why upcycled merchandise can be the best option for you to enhance your brand’s value. Other than promoting sustainability, it’s also cost lower than recycling because you can repurpose production waste into something different!

Best Sources for Your Upcycled Merchandise

Take a look at the sources you can upcycle to create your own upcycled merchandise:

  • Hard Plastic into Desk Accessories

Did you know that hard plastic materials such as plastic bottles or cosmetic bottles can be upcycled?

They are sorted and separated by type and shredded to fine flakes - and finally melted to be reshaped. One of the upcycled merchandise you can get from hard plastic is a phone stand, perfect to be your desk accessory.

  • Plastic Bottle into Tote Bags

  • To create the shape of tote bags, plastic bottles are collected and sorted by type before shredded into small pieces, which are then pressed into a fine sheet.

    This process of pressing is repeated a couple of times to ensure a fabric like material, finally tailored by the skilled hands. By creating your upcycled merchandise as tote bags, it will never go wrong!

  • Paper and Cardboard into Notebook Cover

  • One thing you probably don’t know is paper and cardboard can be upcycled into a notebook cover that is perfect to be created as one of your upcycled merchandise ideas.

    Not only just memorable to your employees and customers, your company will help to make an impactful value which also lets you be involved in sustainability for the better planet.

    Upcycling Service for Your Sustainable Merchandise

    When it comes to sourcing upcycled merchandise, companies can work with an ethical and eco-friendly manufacturer, who will help to upcycle your waste and turn them into a cool merchandise.

    Upcycling service starts to become a sustainability trend, as it supports a sustainable and circular economy and helps companies repurposing the production waste.

    You can always start to create your own upcycled merchandise with our upcycling service. With a personalized and custom merchandise with your company label which is sustainable, high quality, and always up-to-date in edgy designs.

    Ready to make upcycling merchandise with us? Contact us!

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