In supporting the implementation of a circular economy in Indonesia, our upcycling service will assist you in creating additional value from your unused products or waste. The service will involve ideas brainstorming and product design discussion to turn your waste into functional goods.

How It Works

The Process

What We Can Upcyle

  • Deadstock Fabric

    In Indonesia, textile waste makes up 2.6% of the total 33 million tonnes of waste per year, putting it at 866 thousand tonnes per year. As an effort tor reduce this number, we offer our service to repurpose your deadstock / leftover fabrics to become newly designed functional items.

  • PET Plastic

    Indonesia generates approximately 7.8 million tons of plastic waste annually, where 4.9 million tons of plastic waste is mismanaged. PET plastic, commonly used in bottles, is 100% recyclable and the most collected and recycled plastic packaging in the world. Let us help you transform and add value to your plastic waste.

Our Past Projects

Teh Botol Sosro

Liberty Society transforms Tehbotol Sosro's waste into trendy t-shirts and stylish tote bags. 1 shirt alone is produced from 8 Teh Botol bottles, and 1 tote bag is recycled from 23 tetra packs. This action also promotes Indonesia's biodiversity as with every 100 shirts and tote bags sold, a tree is planted in Kalimantan.


Through their Upcycling Project Initiative with UNHCR, Liberty Society's refugee women are able to harness their skills by converting leftover fabric to new items such as pouches, accessories, and cardholders. Any profit generated is donated to the refugees to cater to their welfare needs.

Love & Flair

Liberty Society joined hands with Love & Flair to encourage women to support each other by reinvesting the profit from every purchase of these upcycled scrunchies, made from their deadstock material, back to our House of Freedom where we train and upskill refugee women who are affected by violence and poverty.

Body Shop

Using 100% PET bottles, we turned the bottles into RPET sheets into products that was planned to be used as packaging of Body Shop End of Year product lines

Singapore Post

Recycling of old post man raincoat jackets into different products:
1. Cardholder/ coin case
2. Ikea-type bag
3. Tote bag
4. Slingbag / waist bag

The end products was for merchandises for events and to sell back at their locations

KASHI by Liberty Society

A collection by LS comprising of leather goods made from rescued leather that would have otherwise gone to waste. We collect disposed leather from large clothing manufacturers, such as Nike, Adidas, and New Balance, where they dispose leather that is not suitable for production due to defects or marks and bring them back to life by giving them a new purpose.

Good for the Environment, Good for Business

Upcyle your waste