A collection of gift sets, each comprised of branded locally-sourced, quality goods that have been curated with impact in mind. 

The perfect platform where companies can show where they stand as a business - to show appreciation to whose around you - from colleagues to customers - and to  show their community that they care.

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  • The Welcome Set

    Regular price From 283,000.00 IDR
    Regular price Sale price From 283,000.00 IDR
    The Welcome Set
  • The Milestone Set

    Regular price From 293,000.00 IDR
    Regular price Sale price From 293,000.00 IDR
    The Milestone Set
  • The Essential Set

    Regular price From 503,000.00 IDR
    Regular price Sale price From 503,000.00 IDR
    The Essential Set
  • The Nostalgic Set

    Regular price From 378,000.00 IDR
    Regular price Sale price From 378,000.00 IDR
    The Nostalgic Set

Make It Your Own

Mix & match items inside your giftset from our selection of goods & artisan partners

Various Options to Choose From

Pick your choice of flavor, print, scent, and color to match the receiver's taste & preference.

Add Your Branding

Customize your box sleeve and greeting cards with your logo or get the complete look by labeling, embossing, and carving your brand to your items.

Make it Personal

Express your joy, gratitude, or appreciation through a personalized message on your greeting card.

Simplified Impact Contribution

By purchasing our giftset, you will

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