We are dedicated in walking the path towards a more environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable future

How We Help

Upcyling Service

We aim to prevent textile, plastic, and paper waste to landfill and ocean by upcycling it to a new functional and value added products.

Utilize Eco-friendly & Sustainable Fabrics

Out T-Shirts are made from a certified materials that are kind to both people and planet, such as Tencel and Bamboo Cotton.

Minimize Plastic in Packaging

We use a compostable plant based mailer bag made from Cassava to keep our T-shirts safe. This earth-friendly packaging can be composted and become a fertilizer for plants.

Repurpose Deadstock Materials

To prevent our deadstock fabrics become waste, we utililze it for our training program

Emissions Transparency

Every year, we share our commitment to environmental responsibility throughout impact report, communicating our ongoing efforts to monitor, reduce, and ultimately remove our carbon emission. 

Nature Restoration

With Bumiterra, we’re minimizing climate change through reforestation efforts in Borneo, Kalimantan – sequestering carbon emissions, regenerating biodiversity, and empowering local communities

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Sustainable Development Goals We Support

  • WIth Bumiterra, we aim to restore 1 hectare of degraded land with tree species that have high economic value.

  • We aim to help our clients reduce waste by upcycling their used materials into functional products.

  • Our reforestation efforts with Bumiterra enables direct nature-based carbon removal.

  • By doing reforestation with Bumiterra, we regenerate native tree species and wildlife in West Kalimantan.

  • Working together with partners to amplify impact for a sustainable future.

Impact Footprint