House of Freedom

House of Freedom is located in Serpong. We provide sewing training as well as language, arts, and other enrichment classes for the women and their children. Other resources we provide are food distribution, educational workshops. and community gatherings to foster community. Our training-to-employment model means that we set each woman on the path to earning a living wage and becoming productive at least 40 hours a week


Training Programs

We give upskilling training such as sewing training, language classes, and social events for our community of marginalized women. The goods they produce will be sold and its proceed will be reinvested into our House of Freedom, to further create more opportunities for more women



Production Skill Class

As we continuously receive order for products with
sewing skill required, the needs to enhance the
refugees' sewing skill is deemed to be necessary.
Besides sewing, the refugees are also interested in
embroidery, pattern-making, screen printing,
and embossing.

Management Class

There are broad topics in regards to management such as entrepreneurship, supply chain,
production efficiency, and work ethic management, which will help the refugees to acquire basic business skills.

Mindfulness & Mental Health Class

Many of our refugee women are battling with mild depression. Not to mention that the current pandemic makes isolation feels so suppressing. A class that teaches them about mindfulness and mental health awareness will be helpful for the community.

Financial & Digital Literacy

Amidst the Covid-19, the needs to operate digital platform and manage personal finance are essentials.

Our House of Freedom

Footprint of Empowerment

We've empowered refugee ladies through our House of Freedom in these areas

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