Empowering Women Through Developing Skills and Crafting Upcycled Products in North Jakarta

Empowering Women Through Developing Skills and Crafting Upcycled Products in North Jakarta

PT. Kilang Pertamina International (KPI) has joined hands with Yayasan Tridaya Liberti Jaya (Liberty Society) to launch a Women Empowerment (Environmentally Based) program as part of their CSR initiatives. This collaborative effort focuses on vocational training, providing women in need with the tools to develop skills, enhance productivity, create valuable products, and ultimately gain access to the market. The inauguration ceremony took place at the training center on January 19, 2024, officiated by Pak Edward (Manager of CSR and SMEPP Management at KPI), Tamara Wu (CEO of Liberty Society), Pak Thomas (community leader), and Bu Lena (tailor trainer).

The 20 trained women in the community are individuals who have settled in a slum near Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). These women we've trained are financially deprived, lacking sufficient income and skills to market their products. Our training program encompasses three key areas: tailoring, entrepreneurship, and waste management. Under the guidance of Bu Lena, they will receive comprehensive instruction starting from the basics of materials and machine usage. The training will progress to include weaving LDPE sheets and a basic business-finance class, providing them with the tools to potentially establish their own businesses.

During the opening ceremony, Pak Edward expressed PT. KPI's commitment to making a lasting impact in the community by giving the community tools and chances to learn and develop their skill to produce marketable products. The collaboration with Liberty Society for training is a strategic move, fostering long-term impact by equipping women with knowledge and entrepreneurship skills. The ultimate goal of the training is to empower women to generate sustainable income.

CEO Tamara shared her hope that the trained women would find inspiration and hope within their families and for their children's future. Pak Thomas, expressing excitement, conveyed his support for the training, emphasizing that it goes beyond the transient effects of grocery or monetary charity, offering a lasting transformation in the lives of these women.

The collaboration between PT. KPI and Liberty Society is not just about providing skills; it's about creating a platform for women to build a brighter and more sustainable future for themselves and their communities.  And allowing these women to contribute to our environment and serving as a catalyst to realize a circular economy system by producing upcycled products.

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