Liberty Society is a social enterprise of eco-friendly & impactful B2B merchandise & hampers that empowers marginalized women. We help you appreciate and value your team, supporters, or clients with curated personalized goods & gifts that are loving to people and the planet. We partner with you to elevate your merchandising, gifting, and social initiatives to meet the SDGs.

Our Story

Liberty Society was founded in 2019 with the aim of abolishing injustice. We wanted to give purpose and dignity back to marginalized women whose voices were taken away, those who are shackled by the chains of poverty and hopelessness. We started through fashion, as we were born to use fashion for freedom. 

We partner with local artisans and corporate companies to bring a strong message to more people, including employees, customers, and other shareholders. 

Engaging in sustainability initiatives, we contribute through the introduction of upcycled products and a dedicated line of upcycling services. Our focus involves the conversion of plastic, textile, and paper waste into marketable merchandise, complemented by impactful campaigns. Additionally, we strive to enhance awareness and education, fostering advanced progress in sustainability. This is achieved through offerings such as green event organizing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activations, particularly targeting livelihood programs for women.

Together, we can contribute to creating a better world - a more loving & just society.

  • Vision

    Inspiring a more generous society by making each product impactful and meaningful

  • Mission

    Connecting 1 million conscious buyers to 1,000 marginalized women so that they may have financial freedom

How We Do It

Reinvestment to House of Freedom

10% of our profits is einvested into training classes that support our refugee women trainees so they can continue to learn and create.

Partner with Artisans

We partner with impact-driven artisans for KADO by LS to help companies gift meaningfully and create a memorable gifting experience for colleagues & clients.

Collaborations with Corporates

We believe in partnering with corporations to bring our message to more people, including employees, customers, and other shareholders.

The LS Way

  • Care

    As the core of our business, we believe all the people involved should feel valued and appreciated. We treat everyone equally and seek to build long lasting relationships.

  • Dependable

    Excellence is our benchmark in everything we do. We create satisfying customer experiences by delivering consistent high quality products and service.

  • Honest

    We say what we mean and mean what we say. We communicate openly and truthfully on our process and take accountability for how we behave and what we deliver.

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