We empower & work with a community of marginalized women by giving training and providing a platform for them to handcraft products passionately.

Why Women?

An educated woman is better able to educate her children who, in turn, will be more likely to receive formal education themselves. An educated ,empowered woman, too, will raise a healthier, stronger, and more financially independent family. In reality, there are women who are unable to care for their family nor themselves due to their unfortunate circumstances.

Through Liberty Society, we hope to empower these marginalized women in our community by providing them with up-skilling training programs, a safe community, as well as employment.

How We Help

We empower communities through

Sustainable Development Goals We Support

  • We pay our ladies living wage, taking into account their living costs to provide their household with enough to meet their daily needs and for savings.

  • Through our provision of livelihood, it will restore the worth and sense of dignity of each women who have experienced gender-based violence and discrimination.

  • We restore purpose by utilizing their strengths with a perceptive awareness of their needs. We want them to take pride in the work of their hand and provide for their own families.

  • We provide trainings for our ladies, schooling for 30 children, and sustainable agri-farming methods to local Borneo farmers with Bumiterra.

  • Empowering marginalized women by providing them with a safe community, as well as employment with a 3-4x income increase.

Impact Footprint

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