Empowering Dreams: Heartwarming Charity Event to End 2023

Empowering Dreams: Heartwarming Charity Event to End 2023

As the days dwindle before the close of 2023, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Internasional (Telin) joined forces with Liberty Society for a heartening charity program. The event took place in a hall at Rusunawa Tambora, West Jakarta, where the women community we empowered settled. As the event went on December 28th, Telin generously contributed funds to support the women in sharpening their sewing and tailoring skills.

Amidst the lively and engaging ceremony, Pak Akhmad Ludfy (Chief Technology Officer) and Pak Dion Kristadi (Vice President Subsea Cable Development) from Telin, together with the Head Management of Rusun, attended to show their support and extend a warm welcome to the women. The women, who have already acquired tailoring skills, were provided with additional sewing machines, aiming to enhance their productivity and foster a sense of accomplishment.

Bu Maya, the community representative,  emphasized the significance of skills as a crucial value for personal growth and maintaining hope for the future. CEO Tamara also introduced innovative ways to create valuable and high-quality products using plastic and textile waste, addressing the pressing issue of irresponsible waste management causing floods. The initiative aimed to repurpose waste, extending its lifespan and contributing to disaster prevention.

Adding a touch of joy to the event, the women were invited to express their hopes for 2024 stemming from this charity event. Their aspirations ranged from personal success to elevating their family's well-being and finding happiness. The Head Management of Rusun echoed these sentiments, expressing a wish for the emergence of a successful entrepreneur from Rusun in the coming year.

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