CSR Stories: Fundraising through Painting Frida Kahlo | Bartega Studio x Girls Can Lead x Liberty Society

CSR Stories: Fundraising through Painting Frida Kahlo | Bartega Studio x Girls Can Lead x Liberty Society

Liberty Society reflects back on our earlier collaborations with Bartega Studio and Girls Can Lead (GCL) in creating a fundraising campaign to support girls education in rural Indonesia.

With our shared vision to empower women in Indonesia, Bartega x LS hosted the FRIDA & HER PARROTS fundraising painting event that welcomes all people with any level of painting experience. The event also included listening to the stories of inspirational Indonesian role models, Alya Nurshabrina (Miss Indonesia 2018) and Rachael Abigail (Co-Founder of GCL). 

Our Bartega x LS painting workshop gathered 39 participants and accumulated total funds of IDR 4,290,000. All of the proceeds were then donated to support the GCL leadership program, which helps improve the leadership skills of young Indonesian women and catalyze the growth of a new generation of leaders. 

Event participants painted Frida Kahlo, one of the most empowering female figures in history. As she helped give women the hope of freedom from patriarchy through her own artwork, we hoped that painting this inspirational role model serves a great purpose to highlight girl power. 

We were extremely grateful to be part of this campaign that has fueled our passion for empowering women in Indonesia, including women-led artisan communities and refugees who are young women and mothers. 

In the future, we hope to collaborate with partners eager to make an impact in encouraging more female leaders to be involved in Indonesia’s growth.  

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About Our Partners

Girls Can Lead (or Perkumpulan Perempuan Politik) is a non-profit organization that focuses on capacity and confidence building, striving to address the lack of female leaders and representatives in Indonesia. They strongly believe that educating young girls means investing in the whole community's future.

Bartega Studio is an event management company that believes in the power of creativity and aims to help people unleash their inner artists and imagination. Through hosting various art workshops with talented art teachers, they want to provide stress-relieving and enjoyable experiences for participants.

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