Impact Trip to Poso

Impact Trip to Poso

On our 3-month partnership with Girls Can lead to support Girls Education in Rural areas in Indonesia, Rp.3,000,000 were donated from the proceeds of the sales of our 1st collection to educate 30 girls with leadership training.

In May, our partner organization, Girls Can Lead, went to Poso, Central Sulawesi. With 6 local facilitators and mentors, 20 girls participants from the community were equipped with human rights knowledge, confidence-building skills, and leadership tools to thrive as an individual.

Gaby, founder of Girls can Lead, in our contribute shirt

“Saya perempuan hebat karena” activity (I am a strong woman because..)


The Impact of Education

Not long after the training, one group decided to carry the message further and farther! 4 brave girls are planning their trip to Taman Jeka, a hard-to-reach location in Poso where terrorist training are likely to take place at.

If you’d like to sponsor more girls’ leadership trainings or be a volunteer on the next trip, contact us!


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