Last Minute Sustainable Gift Ideas

Last Minute Sustainable Gift Ideas

The gift giving season is upon us. Are you picturing Christmas morning or a gathering when you are with you loved ones ready to rip out a beautifully wrapped present? You remember that time last year when your significant other bought you the most amazing gift that you still cherish till today. But it can also be a gift from an old friend that doesn’t know your that your interest has changed over the year, their gift is opened but left untouched. This is reason why overconsumption and unwanted gifts happens. If you are still racking your brain to find the perfect present for your loved ones that matches your journey towards a more Sustainable lifestyle, we've got some ideas!


Ask Them What They Want

That is right that idea is just under your nose this whole time.

Why is this a good idea?

Maybe your friend or family have been having a wishlist. This is a great way to getting them what they truly want and avoid getting them something they don’t like.

Treat them out for a Meal

A gift can be thought of many things, but what better way to do it then filling up our bellies with delicious food and spending a quality time with your peers.

Bonus point if you are serving home cooked vegan meal because you are not only kind to your friends but also to the environment and animals.


Zero Waste Kit

Got that person in your life that is still purchasing single use water bottles or plastic bags?

This is the perfect opportunity to give them a reusable bottle and bag along with some friendly advice about of waste problems. You can also gift them reusable straws, reusable produce bags or a to go coffee mug.

Diy Gift Basket

From homemade cookies to handmade candles. The choices are endless.

Here are some ideas if you’re still stuck : Christmas Cookies, Gingerbread Man, Cupcakes, Spice Mixes, Candles or A Self Care box.

It might but simple but anyone would appreciate the thoughts and efforts you put toward it.

Get them a Subscription

This can be a few months of spotify subscription, netflix, headspace ( a great meditation app for your friend/family that is always stressed out) or an educational subscription like skillshare, blinkist or brilliant to name a few.

Ticket of Experiences If you would like to skip the whole gift giving tradition or have some extra budget. Consider donating to a charity to help improve the lives of people in your community. If you don’t know where to donate please consider help fund kids through their education via Second Chance Initiative at . It is run by one of the co founder of Liberty Society. Your Donations will help a kid get one step closer into their dreams. A feeling that unparalleled to any to an item you could receive.

You could get a ticket to an amusement park, zoo or go ice skating for your nieces and nephew. Maybe a workshop or a talk about a topic they are interested in.

Liberty Society Apparels as Gifts!

Last but certainly not least who can’t love a classic pair of comfortable T-shirt. Liberty is having a sale up to 25% a perfect gift for yourself or a friend that has been meaning to try something from the collections.


I hope this helps you find the perfect last minute Christmas gift for your loved ones. Although the most important thing is to value and cherish the time you spend with your loved ones over the holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday from LS Family to yours x

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