Liberty Society and Tehbotol Sosro Creates Tote Bags and T-shirts from Recycled Packaging

Liberty Society and Tehbotol Sosro Creates Tote Bags and T-shirts from Recycled Packaging

Around 8 million pieces of plastic pollution flow into the ocean every day. As a result, 5.25 trillion macro and microplastics are estimated to be floating in the open sea, totaling up to 269,000 tonnes. Despite the huge problem, plastics are kept produced due to their convenience and flexibility. 40% percent of them is plastic packaging, used just once and then discarded. Adding to the problem, less than a fifth of plastic waste is recycled.

To become part of the solution, Tehbotol Sosro, the first ready-to-drink tea in Indonesia and the world since 1969, collaborated with Liberty Society to take a small step in 2021 to create a capsule collection for Locals Unite made of recycled packaging. Local Unite is a corporate initiative from Sosro to empower local brands through collaboration. Some of the brands include Janji Jiwa, Wakaii, and Dear Butter. 



The final products are a T-shirt and a tote bag made of Tehbotol Sosro packaging waste. One T-shirt recycles eight plastic bottles, while one tote bag uses 23 tetra packs from Sosro. What's more, with every 100 packages sold, Sosro plants one tree in Kalimantan to reduce global warming.

Tehbotol Sosro and Liberty Society also created an inspiring campaign to amplify the collection. We encourage consumers in Indonesia to start a resolution to be kinder to the planet. The campaign was launched in the new year 2021 on @tehbotolsosroid  social media platforms and received a great market response.



Not only beneficial for the earth, the campaign has also empowered a community of marginalized refugee women in Indonesia, with them being involved in the making of these recycled products. Our makers receive decent wages—3.5 times more than the average textile worker in Indonesiaby creating these upcycled merchandises. They also received training and safe working facilities that opened up many new opportunities for their families. 

By collaborating with Society Liberty, companies like Sosro can achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals and market their brand at the same time. This year, ESG factors remain crucial business concerns for public and private firms globally. We hope that more companies in Indonesia could also join hands in our mission to empower people and create a sustainable future together.

About PT Sinar Sosro

PT Sinar Sosro is an Indonesian company that was officially registered on July 17, 1974, by Soegiharto Sosrodjojo.

In 1969, they sold ready-to-drink tea in a bottle under the brand Tehbotol Sosro. The name was taken from the brewed tea "Teh Cap Botol" and the founder's family name, "Sosrodjojo." Tehbotol Sosro Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB) is the first ready-to-drink tea in Indonesia and the world.

PT Sinar Sosro has 12 factories* all over Indonesia: Medan, Palembang, Jakarta, Tambun, Cibitung, Ungaran, Gresik, Mojokerto, and Gianyar.

*Based on data from 2021.

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