Liberty Society Sailed to Singapore for 1st On-Board Green Experience Programs

Liberty Society Sailed to Singapore for 1st On-Board Green Experience Programs

Resort World Cruises (SG) aimed to promote eco-conscious living and circular practices in the cruise industry. They were able to implement sustainable, waste-to-resource initiatives with an upcycling workshop and an on-board exhibition. 

Liberty Society, supported by Aloha, held an upcycling workshop for Resort World Cruise employees and cruisers. Utilizing the trash-to-treasure concept, participants learned how to make upcycled desk organizers from discarded water carton boxes.

This valuable insight encouraged cruisers to consider implementing similar practices in their own homes, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The collaboration consisted of a pop-up exhibition and four sessions of the time upcycling workshop. The pop-up exhibition showcased curated eco-friendly products by Indonesian local artisans Rubysh, Ramahija, and Botanical Essentials. These items complement the cruisers' stay experience and offered a range of sustainable shopping options.

When passengers choose to purchase such items, they contribute to supporting the livelihood of artisans communities. This initiative adds a layer of meaning and purpose to their individual cruise experience, highlighting the potential for positive change through mindful consumer choices and promoting responsible consumption.

With a focus on upcycling, local artisans, and meaningful purchases, this collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of sustainable initiatives within the travel sector by empowering your employees. 

Your hotel guests can also engage with meaningful upcycling workshops and eco-friendly exhibitions. Reach to us through to promote more circularity in the hospitality industry!

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