Liberty Society x Yuna & Co. #WomenoftheFuture: A Cleaner Planet and a Cleaner Society

Liberty Society x Yuna & Co. #WomenoftheFuture: A Cleaner Planet and a Cleaner Society

According to reports made by the UN Women, an approximate of 82% of women has experienced a significant decrease in their financial earnings during the pandemic. As a means to tackle this issue, In 2021, Liberty Society collaborated with Yuna & Co., a personal styling & lifestyle platform, for the Women of the Future Campaign. In this campaign, a limited-edition fashion collection was released to celebrate Idul Fitri with a modern, modest, and minimalist concept. 

For every purchase made in this collection, the proceeds were given as a donation to support and provide tailoring training programs to 20 women refugees in House of Freedom, built by Liberty Society. Moreover, as a way to minimize waste, the excess fabric from the production were recycled to create face masks and pouches. 

Devina Mardiputri, Business Development & Partnership of Yuna & Co., said, “The launch of the #WomenofTheFuture” collection aligns with the mission of Yuna & Co., which is to spread confidence and fulfillment in every Indonesian women’s livelihood through personalized styling.”


“We want to increase awareness of sustainable fashion in Indonesia through this Lebaran collection. We want to prove that every piece that is produced through ethical and sustainable ways are also high quality products and are still extremely stylish,” stated Jennifer Chandra, Campaign Manager of Liberty Society. 


As a way to further maximize the campaign, Liberty Society proceeded in 3 activation marketing: sent out 20 PR packages to influencers, a giveaway session, as well as a Clubhouse soft and grand launching event. 


This collaboration between Yuna & Co. and Liberty Society lays a foundation with a concept of from empowered women to empower women. We are truly honored to create the #WomenoftheFuture campaign with Yuna & Co. and to hold a shared mission of both women empowerment and creating sustainable products. 


Do you have the same mission as Yuna & Co.? Feel free to reach out to us here and we will help your brand out to take a step forward towards creating our society and our planet a better place! 


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