Mother’s Day: A Reminder that PAUD Teachers’ Love are Unconditional, Yet They Long for Attention

Mother’s Day: A Reminder that PAUD Teachers’ Love are Unconditional, Yet They Long for Attention

“This decision is based on my love for children” - Deasy, PAUD Teacher

Mother's Day is a precious moment for Deasy, a teacher at PAUD Matahari Cililitan Rw.08, East Jakarta. Her love for students, even though she is not their biological mother, has made Deasy to leave her job as a salesperson to dedicate herself to being a mother at school. “This decision is based on my love for children,” she said.

Being a PAUD teacher is not an easy task. She faces many challenges, like low salary and lack of capacity building to take care of special-needs students.

Deasy realized that she and her fellow teachers needed special training to deal with children with special needs, “There is a student who is very active and often displays tantrum behavior. My head was even hit by blunt objects when he was angry. We as teachers were confused about responding to this situation, whether to let him cry or not. I'm worried that my response will be wrong, whether ignored or responded to," she added.

Campaign invite society to give more attention to PAUD through social campaign on Campaign #ForABetterWorld application

Emerging from awareness of this, Campaign, a social startup that owns the Campaign #ForABetterWorld app, collaborated with a number of PAUD to launch the social campaign #BantuSekolahYuk. Aiming to develop a number of PAUD in Indonesia, with a focus on improving the quality of teaching staff, procuring storybooks, and procuring Educational Game Equipment (APE).

As one of the PAUDs participating in this campaign, PAUD Ceria in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, invites the public to optimize stimulus for young children by uploading a number of photos on the #ForABetterWorld Campaign application.

Empower teachers on harnessing the social media

To improve the teacher’s skills, Campaign held a workshop discussing the use of social media for 40 teachers from 20 PAUDs on Thursday (09/11/2023).

Jimas Ifandy Baskara, Social Media Officer Campaign, explained that the workshop material consisted of creating content for promotion, "In the training, many teachers were initially pessimistic about their ability to speak in front of the camera or did not know how to operate editing applications. In response to this, I suggested that they create content that is organic and has an interesting storyline. Currently, a lot of content is edited simply, but is still liked by netizens," he said.

Download Campaign #ForABetterWorld App on App Store & Google Play Store to support Deasy and many more teachers like her that need support!


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