Our #KamuJugaManusia Mental Health Campaign

Our #KamuJugaManusia Mental Health Campaign

Together with, Menjadi Manusia, Google Creators for Change of the year, we use storytelling and clothing to speak up against mental health stigma and for self-expression.

Creating customizable shirts with words like "diberkati" / "blessed" or "dicukupi" / "satisfied", we allow our community to express their feelings proudly.

We created a launching day of our collection, inviting experts and our community to discuss on mental health. Here is the event aftermovie.

Each shirt is handmade and embroidered to express one's own feeling.


The impact of this collection is to support the psychosocial wellbeing of the women in the Sisterhood center.

Stay tuned for more. We launch a new collection/collaboration every quarter.


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