Supporting Women and Children in Rural Indonesian Areas #WeLiftUp Campaign

Supporting Women and Children in Rural Indonesian Areas #WeLiftUp Campaign

In September 2020, Liberty Society collaborated with three social enterprises -- The People of Asia, Du’Anyam, and East Bali Cashew --  to create the #WeLiftUp campaign. With this esteemed collaboration, the #WeLiftUp campaign aims to support social enterprises that empower marginalized women in Indonesia through ethical business practices. 

Held from September-October 2020, the WeLiftUp campaign was held through a series of activities, such as product sales, corporation sponsorship, webinars, and media publications. Furthermore, Liberty Society along with the other social enterprises, were able to receive the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Raise Singapore flagship campaign -- FestivalForGood. Liberty Society was able to proudly showcase their products and services at their annual conference.  

Amira Alaydroes, Co-Founder of The People of Asia, said, “Women are pivotal figures in families and in society; however, we are extremely saddened to see that there is much to be done in improving their wellbeing. The People of Asia’s role in this social issue is to tell the stories of the inspiring efforts of these incredible social enterprises. Our goal is to create a society who genuinely cares about social issues, which is why we fully support this campaign.” 

In order to provide the community the opportunity to support the campaign, the Bundle of Joy product was created with a price of Rp.388,000.00, containing quality products from Liberty Society, Du’Anyam, East Bali Cashews, as well as publication value-added services from The People of Asia. We are extremely proud to present the #WeLiftUp campaign with our fellow SEs and is looking forward to our next chapter of collaborations with noteworthy Indonesian SEs!


About Du Anyam

Du Anyam is a social enterprise which was established in 204 due to the escalated issue of the staggering increasing numbers of malnourished women and children in East Flores/ Du Anyam aims to support women and provide the right education to children of rural areas through embracing their cultures and traditions, such as the strong culture of weaving in Flores and Sumatra. 

About East Bali Cashews

East Bali Cashews is an innovative F&B company who have actively supported women in Bali and Flores. East Bali Cashews ongoingly provides training programs in Flores to build the skills and capacity needed to provide quality products to their consumers. 

About The People of Asia 

The People of Asia is a strategy and project delivery partner in Southeast Asia who focuses on empowering communities through storytelling in digital media and social projects. The People of Asia significantly emphasizes the requirement of contribution from various stakeholders and collaborations with different organizations to realize their mission. 



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