Taking a Step Towards Waste Management with AXA #AmanMelangkah

Taking a Step Towards Waste Management with AXA #AmanMelangkah

Since 30 years ago, AXA has been committed to using their resources and time to give back to the community with their Week for Good campaign. Throughout the years, AXA has actively volunteered in the field and taken the steps into upholding their key sustainability pillars, which are climate change, biodiversity, and inclusive protection.

For AXA Indonesia’s 2023 Week for Good, Liberty Society was invited to collaborate and organize AXA’s #AmanMelangkah campaign in the month of June. Sharing an aligned mission and vision on creating an even more sustainable community, Liberty Society was incredibly honored to participate and organize this week-long campaign and CSR activation. 

To kick off AXA Indonesia’s Week for Good, a waste collection program was enacted amongst all the AXA employees over the span of 2 days. In order to sustainably process the collected waste, Liberty Society collaborated with Nara Synergy, an Indonesian-based woman-founded waste management solution. 

The following day, as its main event, Liberty organized a series of talk shows and upcycling workshops for the AXA employees in the AXA Tower. The event was attended by AXA Executives, Ibu Niharika Yadav, Bapak Handojo G. Kusuma, and Bapak Laurent Bourson.Additionally, Ibu Cicilia Nina, Director of PT. AXA Financial Indonesia, provided a workshop on financial literacy for the women in bank waste attendees. Proceeding the workshop, Bapak Fadi Filip, Nara Synergy’s Head of Project Management, was able to share valuable insights on the process and utmost importance of waste management in Indonesia. 


The event was closed up with a Green Workshop created by Liberty Society’s team, Bev Tan, who is also a sustainability influencer with her social media platform, @odetobless. This jam packed campaign was also filled with a marketplace, consisting of several UMKM women-led businesses. 

The Liberty Society team are extremely pleased to have successfully organized this Green Campaign for AXA Indonesia #AmanMelangkah. We are exited to partner with more corporates and help them in their ESG goals and CSR activations. Simply reach us out through our Whatsapp and we will assist you with consultations! 

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