What Are ESG Goals, and How Can Liberty Society Help to Achieve Them

What Are ESG Goals, and How Can Liberty Society Help to Achieve Them

Setting and achieving ESG goals has become more crucial for companies as investors and stakeholders, including consumers, increasingly hold companies accountable.

What is ESG?
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals are objectives a business sets to assess their impact on society and the environment. ESG goals are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to protect the planet, end poverty, and ensure peace and prosperity by 2030.

There are 17 strategic pillars in SDGs as below:

Why is ESG important?
Investors say that nonfinancial performance has been pivotal in their investment decision-making. When companies track and measure their ESG performance, stakeholders can use company-reported ESG data to assess investment opportunities and make important decisions.

Customers have also become increasingly concerned with companies' impact on the Earth. A report by Deloitte has noted that 28% of consumers have stopped buying certain products because they have concerns about the brand's ethical or sustainability practices or values. Moreover, conscious consumers are willing to pay extra for brands aligned with their values and are more loyal to brands that make positive impacts.

ESG goals also can benefit the company internally. They provide a vision and guidelines that will generate business value, eventually ensuring that businesses continue to adapt to the rapidly changing global economy. 

How Can Liberty Society Help?
Liberty Society offers waste management and upcycling services that can transform corporate waste into valuable merchandise for companies. We also work with the underprivileged refugee community by providing them with training-to-employment programs at a safe production house in Indonesia. By collaborating with Liberty Society, your company is able to tackle multiple ESG goals that align with the UN SDGs, such as:

Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth: Providing our makers, who are mostly refugee women, with decent wages to support their families.

Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production: Crafting new products from recycled materials.

Goal 13 – climate action: Through waste management and upcycling, we prevent plastic waste from polluting the Earth.

Goal 17 – Partnerships for the goals: As a social enterprise, we collaborate with global companies to have a measurable positive impact on the world.

There are endless possibilities for what your corporate waste can turn into in the hands of our talented makers. Discuss further with us to find the best solution to achieve your ESGs goals!

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