What Our Sustainability Means

What Our Sustainability Means

Overall, the fashion industry produces close to 100 million tons of fibers every year. This is not without negative effects on the environment. Fortunately, more and more consumers are aware of this ecological strain. Hence, the demand for sustainable textile and nonwoven products is rising.

We care about sustainability from the yarn to the closet.

On Fabric Choice and Fabric sourcing

Our fashion items are limited to using Tencel or Lenzing certified fabrics. Our T-shirts uses Viscose fabric by Lenzing, that uses less than water, biodegradable, natural origins. Vetta Capsule rated the fabric 8/10 in sustainability. We get our fabric from one of the forefront sustainability leader, Daliatex Kusuma, Bandung.


On Production

We make sure fabric waste are reused for training by members.

We commit to donate extra inventory to people who need it through a partnership with an NGO who gives clothes away like Goodwill Indonesia and Second Chance Initiative.


On Packaging

We use a cassava bag to cover each item and use card boxes for delivery, thus minimizing plastic waste.


There you go, that's where your sustainability comes from.


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