We are proud to announce that we have collaborated with Love, Bonito Indonesia for their CSR campaign: #WomenSupportWomen. Sexual violence against women remains a prevalent and unceasing problem here in Indonesia, and #WomenSupportWomen aims to raise awareness and funds for this issue.

As a brand whose core values and mission centers around women empowerment, along with the act of restoring purpose and dignity to marginalized women, we were inspired by Love, Bonito’s mission to tackle sexual violence against women in Indonesia, and honored that they have chosen us as their campaign partner.


Together, we have created these exclusive #WomenSupportWomen t-shirts. All of the profits from these t-shirts go towards supporting sexual violence survivors at Yayasan Pulih - a social institution sheltering sexual violence survivors. Through this campaign, we aim to provide financial and psychological support to these strong, beautiful women, hoping that it would aid them in their journey of healing. Our Love, Bonito x Liberty Society #WomenSupportWomen t-shirts are available for purchase at Love, Bonito Indonesia’s website: https://lovebonito.co.id. Join us as we take a step towards a future where women are no longer oppressed by the fear of sexual violence.

Special thanks to Suzanne Simanjuntak, May Sarah Hasibuan, Cindy Patricia, and the rest of the Love, Bonito Indonesia team for trusting us.


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