Meet Demi Bumi

Demi Bumi specializes in upcycling and repurposing waste into a variety of products. They provide solutions for society to collectively reduce the usage of plastic and waste from households. To create a place where future generations can live in harmony with nature, Demi Bumi raises awareness about the importance of living sustainably and preventing the pollution of our planet.

Their Story

Demi Bumi was formed as a continued effort to care for and protect the environment for future generations. With the continued dependence on plastic that pollutes the Earth, they are determined to facilitate efforts in educating the masses to become more environmentally conscious about their daily habits. 

Through their business, Demi Bumi hopes to provide people with innovative solutions that can help them lead more sustainable lifestyles that create a lasting impact on the environment’s future.

Their Vision & Mission

To protect and beautify our planet Earth, Demi Bumi strives to provide innovative solutions for further reducing plastic waste material from our daily lives. They hope to become strong pillars for raising awareness, educating, and helping people adopt eco-friendly habits and become environmentally conscious for the sake of future generations.

The Hands Behind Demi Bumi

Demi Bumi was founded by Jessica Halim and Juliana Goeinawan, motivated by their passion for caring for and protecting the planet for future generations. With their roles as mothers, they share the same sentiment of borrowing the Earth from their children. Through this business, they hope to educate and inspire others to pass on a healthier environment through upcycling projects.

Their Impact

Demi Bumi has hosted multiple workshop projects in an effort to raise awareness about their cause. They educate both children and adults about the impacts of using plastic in our environment and taught them how to make beeswax food wraps. 

All their products are made from all natural and upcycled materials, created to be reusable for users to implement a zero-waste lifestyle.