Meet EDEN dried Fruits


EDEN Dried Fruits specializes in artisanal dried fruits. Their dried fruits are 100% natural, no added sugar, no preservatives, no nothing. So, they're super good for you! 

They are intent on giving back to the community around them, offering job opportunities and providing vocational training programs to special needs adults and refugee women.

Their Story

The heart of EDEN snacks was to accommodate young adults or adults with different needs with an opportunity to work. The founders realized that that were not enough companies in Jakarta willing to invest and train adults who requires assistance for disability that may be mental or medical.

Another crucial thing that the founders value is high quality products that will be beneficial for society. People are consuming way too much unhealthy snacks with the existence of MSG and added sugar, and flavoring.

Hence, EDEN snacks was made to do the hard work of cutting and packing the fruits for people to enjoy. The driving force behind them is to serve the marginalized, while offering healthy foods to our neighbors.

Their Vision & Mission

EDEN makes high quality, healthy and delicious snacks. They are set on delivering products that have maximum nutritional value, thus they strive to find only the best quality fruits for their products. They exist to empower the marginalized in our society (differently abled and refugees) by providing them with vocational training and maximizing their strengths in a safe and healthy community. 

The Hands Behind EDEN

EDEN is consisted of a small team of 2 Co-Founders, Mandy and Tim, along with a group of adults with special needs and another group of refugee women from Somalia. 

Their Impact

EDEN's snacks are working closely with the community around them. They have been working with marginalized groups living in the Jabodetabek area such as special needs adults and refugee women. They are currently extending internships and providing vocational training programs to these groups.

They are offering a subscription package where a good portion of income supports the young interns from Somalia - providing them living cost, transport, and food. They donate a percentage of income to marginalized groups of people that are in need of support. 

EDEN is currently training young refugee women to produce, package, and learn basic photography.