Meet GAIA Home


GAIA Home specializes in hand-poured luxurious candles made with 100% natural soy wax. In the dynamic and fast paced city of Jakarta, we at Gaia Home realize the need to slow down, reflect and rest. Therefore, Gaia Home’s aromatherapy candles hope to transform your space into a haven for the mood of your choice. Gaia Home also believes in giving back. Thus, a portion of all profits are donated to supporting the education of children in poverty.

For every 10 candles that they sell, 1 child is helped.

Their Story

GAIA Home was founded at the height of the pandemic when the future seemed uncertain. 


It all began when the founder, Sophia, had trouble sleeping and began experimenting with scented candles to lull her to bed. This passion project of hers turned into a successful business very quickly as her unique scents developed a loyal following. 


A year later and thousands of candles sold both in Indonesia and South East Asia, GAIA Home has rapidly expanded, all the while staying true to quality and giving back to the community.

Their Vision & Mission

The driving force of Gaia Home is a mission to make every space a haven for the heart and mind. Through bringing about a calm environment, GAIA HOME hopes to enhance the clarity of the mind, the depth of slumber and closeness to the earth.We take our social causes very seriously and believe that our company cannot succeed without uplifting all beings in need.

The Hands Behind GAIA

Gaia Home was founded by Sophia, in the foyer of her house turned studio. While Gaia Home has expanded since inception, every candle that is made is personally inspected by the founder herself before it is mailed to her legions of happy customers.

Their Impact

GAIA Home has always been socially driven. As a business that started during the pandemic, as much as possible they try to also help other parties who are impacted by this pandemic. As the pandemic disproportionately affected lower wage workers, their children’s education was one of the most compromised on. Right now, GAIA Home help children obtain proper education by contributing to 1 child’s education in Indonesia for every 10 candles sold. 


Other than children’s education, GAIA Home is also looking to evolve their cause to also help other industries affected due to pandemic such as wildlife to ensure that the elephants can be fed and cared for.