Meet Gamma Waste


Gamma Waste provides one stop solutions of waste management, including waste recycling, in order to reduce waste production in Indonesia that would end up in landfills. They understand that society needs proof of waste end products value.

They specialize in enlarging products from waste material and increasing society’s awareness of issues related to excess waste. These products are characterized as chemical-free, recycled, and 100% natural.  

Their Story

With a passion to address these urgent plastic waste issue, Gamma Waste was founded in 2021 by Mohamad Fadli Paradja. Through the company, he is driven to mold the lifestyle of upcoming generations to engage more with upcycling efforts. Gamma Waste believes that recycling processes will be able to create a cleaner ecosystem that accompanies our daily lifestyles and needs.

Their Mission & Vision

In a constantly changing world, Gamma Waste is seeking the best ways to extract most value from waste. 

They achieve this by providing end-to-end waste management solutions and converting waste into energy solutions for society. Through this, the company wants to teach society that sorting waste by type will dramatically reduce overflowing waste in landfills and oceans

The Hands Behind Gamma Waste

Gamma Waste transforms waste into useful products through scaling up processing machine to accelerate process and product diversification. They also include Mapping Technology that adopts and simplified existing business processes. Finally, they prepare sources to transform waste into energy (electricity, solar energy, etc.).

Their Impact

Through their recycling efforts, they have saved thousands of plastic waste from polluting our environment through landfillfs and oceans.

They are eager to create a lasting environmental impact on Indonesia’s landscape, accelerating recycling efforts to reduce waste that ends up in landfills. On top of that, they are eager to raise the awareness of Indonesian masses and encourage them to take part in this urgent issue. 

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