Meet Kanva


Kanva is a home & living brand that aims to create an online platform that sells unique goods produced by local crafters and makers. They have always believed that local brands need to thrive, simplifying the wholesale buying process to bring together independent local brands and buyers across the world. With this, they are always determined to bring functional, stylish, and consciously crafted products to homes. 

Other than selling ready-to-purchase home goods, they also offer custom design services for corporations and individuals alike. Through these services, they can work closely with clients and partners to aesthetically enhance any space.

Their Story

Kanva was established in 2015 by CEO Andi Kurniaty Mangga Barani, a mother of 2 who has a mission in creating a better ecosystem for local brands to thrive. As a brand, Kanva empowers entrepreneurs to chase their dreams through their unique platform that provides the best home-chose items in a curated way. 

The word “Kanva” itself means canvas in Lithuanian as they show how decorating every home, space, and favorite corners always start with a blank canvas.

Their Vision & Mission

Specializing in Home & Living goods, they envision becoming a unique platform where local brands can thrive. They want to continue spreading joy and excitement through high-quality home goods to Indonesia and other countries beyond. Kanva supports local crafts, makers, and homegrown businesses by providing not only the finest display and digital marketing but also sharing stories behind each of their crafters and makers. 

The Hands Behind Kanva

Most of Kanva’s partner entrepreneurs are women who share the same passion. It is also not uncommon to see mothers among these entrepreneurs.

Their Impact

They have collaborated with Lindungi Hutan where each of their customers’ purchases contributed to planting mangrove trees in Untia, Makassar. Kanva also supports brand partners that care for the environment, creating products from recycled plastics and sustainable materials. Women makers are also among the many that they support.

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