Meet Nichoa


Nichoa specializes in healthy chocolates made from all-natural locally sourced ingredients. They have a wide range of healthy chocolates, each with personalized ingredients that bring different health benefits that everyone can enjoy even those who are diabetic and pregnant. All of their products are PIRT & Halal certified and are free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Made with people and the planet in mind, they focus on empowering local farmers and supporting sustainable development at every stage of production.

Their Story

Nichoa was founded in 2018 and it started when their founder, Andri, worked as a midwife in remote areas. While she was there, the high mortality rate of infants and pregnant mothers moved her with the desire to create something safe for pregnant women that are also high in nutrient. With their Pregnancy Chocolate, the very first Nichoa product was born.

Another growing concern of theirs was how farmers in Indonesia lack the ability to cultivate and process cocoa even though Indonesia is the 3rd largest cocoa producer in the world. Hence, Nichoa is committed to help improve the quality of life for local cocoa farmers and consumers.

Their Vision & Mission

Putting people and the planet before profit, Nichoa’s vision is to become a healthy chocolate producer that puts forward sustainable production and use of raw materials from local farmers. Their dream is to expand the potential of cocoa farming in Indonesia by assisting and improving the welfare of more farmers while also educating people on healthy chocolate culture.

The Hands Behind Nichoa

Nichoa’s team consists of the founder & co-founder, Andri & Lufthans, along with a small group of committed individuals. They work with nutritionists from Gizigo in developing their products to deliver nutritious and delicious high-quality chocolates everyone can enjoy. The cocoa they use is harvested by local farmers in Bali & Temanggung.

Their Impact

Nichoa improves the welfare of local cocoa farmers in many different ways. By providing cultivation training to existing farmers as well as new fostered ones, they help them stand on their own two feet by creating more job opportunities. Currently, they have fostered 80 farmers in Beji, West Java and Temanggung, Central Java. These farmers are also paid 3x the amount a middleman pays them for their products, thus increasing their income and helping strengthen the local economy.

Their sustainable production methods protect the environment, public health, communities, and animals. By bringing the goodness of chocolate as a health solution, they are promoting a healthy chocolate culture to the market so the potential of cocoa farming can be expanded across Indonesia and more farmers can be impacted.