Meet Roshan Roast


Roshan Roast specializes in coffee beans that have been locally sourced from Indonesian farms. Their specialties are Arabica and Robusta Indonesian coffee.

They are dedicated to supporting refugees, by providing them education as well as professional development. They are also supporting local businesses by only sourcing locally grown coffee. 

Their Story

Roshan Roast started late 2019, sourcing only Arabica coffee from one locally-owned farm in Tobing, West Java. Now, they have a variety of flavors coming from farms located in different parts of Indonesia.

The Roshan community was already established since 2014 before the founders created Roshan Roast, serving refugee education. The community itself is made up of people from the middle eastern countries.

Their Vision & Mission

Not wanting to solely dependent on donations in order to support the Roshan community, Roshan Roast was founded as a social enterprise. With Roshan Roast, the community can now support themselves and help more refugees. 

​Their mission is to focus on expanding their refugee community, connecting with more refugees and providing them more support.

The Hands Behind Roshan

All the coffee from Roshan Roast have been locally grown by local, family-owned farms in Indonesia. These farms are located in West Java, Bali, and Flores. 

Roshan, however, was founded by a family in Bandung, Indonesia. They are also currently partnering with a coffee shop in North Jakarta.

Their Impact

Roshan Roast is committed to supporting refugees, from education to professional development. All the profits go to providing refugee education through their learning center for refugees and asylum seekers in Jakarta, Indonesia. 


Through their partners, they have provided barista training and administrative apprenticeship opportunities to refugees. Although refugees are unable to work in Indonesia, Roshan Roast has given them the opportunity to help and pick up professional skills while they wait for resettlement. 

​Roshan Roast also supports local Indonesian businesses by choosing to only source beans that have been locally grown by family-owned businesses.