Meet Sabbun


Sabbun specializes in handmade artisanal soap bars. All their soap bars are plant-based, made with premium and high-quality ingredients. 

They're very conscious about their environmental footprint, opting to use natural oils instead of palm oil, making their products palm-free! They also chose to create soap bars due to the fact that they produce less waste in terms of packaging. 


Their Story

Sabbun was initially started to spread the advantages of using soap bars, as the founders noticed that most people were using liquid soap. They discovered that natural hand-made soap is not only better for you, but also for the environment. 

Their Vision & Mission

Sabbun envisions themselves crafting thoughtful and creative bath and gifting products, following a minimalistic style. Their mission is to become more sustainable and achieve a higher degree of locality in terms of their resources, as well as to empower communities.

The Hands Behind Sabbun

Sabbun is a family-owned business, operated by a pair of sisters from the comfort of their home. All their soaps are cooked, designed, moulded, and cut at home.

Their Impact

Sabbun discovered that natural hand-made bar soap possesses many benefits in comparison to its liquid counterpart. They advocate for bar soap due to its eco-friendliness. Soap bars use less plastic for its packaging and utilizes more natural ingredients, whilst still possessing the same quality as liquid soap.

Sabbun also opted to forgo palm oil, and use natural oil instead, making their soap bars palm-free!