Meet Terartai


Terartai is a social enterprise that strives to provide a space for the special-needs community to creatively express themselves through the products they sell and the services they provide. Their specialties lie in uniquely designed merchandise for weddings and corporations. 

Their retail items include scarves, bags, and masks with designs of paintings made by artists with special needs as orders include a description of these makers’ backgrounds. They are categorized into collections and collaborations created with themes of meaningful messages about life.

Their Story

Terartai was founded in 2019 by Amanda Maringka who discovered her passion for co-creating alongside people with special needs. In late 2018, she volunteered in holding painting events with Kyriakon Special Needs School. Despite having the same dreams and fears as everyone else, these students with special needs have issues finding jobs that suit their abilities. Without any background in neurodiversity, Amanda was eager to create a business that can showcase the students’ creative talents and empower them.

Their Vision & Mission

Terartai hopes to become an #OpenLetter for the special-needs community so that their voice can be heard through the paintings they made for merchandise designs. This social business strives to empower the community and let them know that they are more than just special needs. In a society that puts so many barriers that limit the community’s freedom, Terartai utilizes the untapped talents within the special-needs community and shows how all life is meant to be expressed and celebrated.

The Hands Behind Terartai

All designs are created by 9 special-needs artists who have autism,  down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. They are also students of Kyriakon Special Needs School in Jakarta, eager to be seen beyond their disabilities and want to become positive contributors to the world.

Their Impact

Through Terartai, special gifted artists always have something to look forward to creating and generating income. This enterprise strives to build a regenerative business for sustainable Human Futures.