Meet Wane Flores


Wané Flores specializes in raw forest honey. Their honey is organic and, without a doubt, real - no additives, no preservatives, no nothing! So, they're absolutely healthy for you. 

Their honey is harvested by local farmers in Flores, thus by purchasing their honey, you are supporting Flores farmers and giving them livelihood, especially amidst the pandemic. Wané Flores' honey is also harvested sustainably

Their Story

The people of Flores have always harvested forest honey, passing down their knowledge to their kids during their little trips to the surrounding forests.

 Wané Flores sought to bring digitalization to local businesses in order to bring their honey to other parts of Indonesia. It was just in time, as when they started operation in 2020, the pandemic hit which negatively affected tourism, and in turn, honey sales.

Their Vision & Mission

Harvesting forest honey has been a tradition in the Flores island - a culture heritage. Wané Flores is committed to maintaining the cultural heritage and nature of Flores. In alignment of this goal, they aim to bring authentic natural forest honey, that is of premium quality and healthy, to the masses. 

Through Liberty Society, we hope to empower these marginalized women in our community by providing them with up-skilling training programs, a safe community, as well as employment.

The Hands Behind Wane Flores

All the honey from Wané Flores have been harvested by a group of 60 local Flores honey collectors across 8 districts in Nusa Tenggara Timur. They harvest the honey from the forests in East Flores and Sikka.

The honey collectors also share the honey-processing facilities, thus they have built a sweet community around honey. Keeping tradition, these honey collectors want to build their honey industry further through expansion. 

Their Impact

Wané Flores opens up access to a wider market for the local farmers, therefore strengthening the local economy in Flores. Savings from selling their honey provide farmers with their required livelihood, and have even helped them build houses. 

The farmers at Wané Flores also harvest their honey sustainably by leaving the nests on the trees. The conventional method of honey harvesting, known as budidaya, results in the bees, Apis dorsal, taking 6 months to rebuild their hives. Meanwhile, using the method that Wané Flores uses, it takes only 3 months for the harvested hives' part to grow again. Hence, the wild bees can continue pollinating the surrounding forest, making for a healthier ecosystem.