Meet WOH Chips


WOH Chips specializes in artisan chips, made with completely natural ingredients. Their chips are processed and packed with modern Japanese technology so their products can last up to 1 year without using additional preservative. Their chips are gluten-free, handcrafted and made by order to ensure its freshness.

They are committed to improving their quality and quantity business, along with

sustainability and perfect harmony with the environment. They collaborate with local farmers and SMEs to improve supply chain and strengthen their welfare.

Their Story

Kultiva Co. was founded in 2016, wherein “KULTIVA” is derived from the word "cultivate." They started the brand "Woh," taken from the Javanese word "Wohwohan" - fruit in Javanese. With Woh, they hope that their company will grow and reap benefits for others. 

Their Vision & Mission

Woh Chips aims to provide high quality products of healthy and natural snacks at affordable prices. 

Their mission is to constantly evolve towards improvement in both quality and quantity, as well as their sustainability. All done in principled harmony with the environment.

The Hands Behind WOH

Woh Chips are members of the Farmer Cooperation (Koperasi Petani) organization, thus they are working with 10 farmers across East Java, Jakarta, Bogor, and Tangerine, as well as responsible suppliers.

Their Impact

Woh Chips are devoted to contributing their local community by supporting local farmers. They collaborate with local farmers and SMEs to improvesupply chains and maintaining high standards post-harvest. They also do responsible sourcing, currently partnering with 10 local farmers around Indonesia.