Meet Nicole's Naturals


Nicole's Natural specializes in traditional wood artisans. They produce a range of luxury natural products, including their latest line of stylish and unprecedented solid wood range.

Nicole’s Natural has been consistently promoting the idea of healthy, natural lifestyle through fine, eco-friendly craftsmanship. They use solid Indonesian wood that have been sustainably harvested, all designed by local artisans, with creativity and functionality.

Their Story

Nicole's Natural was established in 2012 in Bandung, with two simple goals in mind - to showcase the creative works done by local Indonesian wood craftsmen, as well as to provide these artisans with a good working and safe place. Through this venture, they wished to promote the beauty of Indonesian wood and sustainable design.

Their Vision & Mission

Nicole’s Natural has been consistently promoting the idea of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication to achieve essential elegance in healthy, natural lifestyle. They are dedicated to creating natural, environmentally-friendly products with good craftsmanship. They aim to allow their customers to indulge themselves and experience natural wellness at home through their products.

The Hands Behind Nicole's

The range of fine quality wooden crafts from Nicole's Natural are done by creative local Indonesian artisans, as seen by the unique designs that they fashion. All their artisans have creative freedom, having input in the designs and they all possess the same goal - to show their work to the world. 

Their Impact

Nicole’s Natural truly cares about your wellbeing and the environment, that’s why they pledge commitment never to fill their products with harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. They use only the finest quality natural and organic ingredients that have been sustainably sourced. 

They are constantly thinking of ways to become more eco-friendly, as seen from their latest line of solid Indonesian wood range which have been sustainably harvested. They use natural oils and waxes as the most eco-friendly of wood finishes.