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Liberty Society

Zipper Jacket

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Zip tight your jacket and get cozy. Made out of the finest fabric just for your pleasure.

Impact: Each gives 70 minutes of work productivity and empowers marginalized women through training programs.

Fabric material:

  • Baby terry
  • Combed Fleece

Preorder time:

  • 10-12 days

Size chart (width x length):

  • XS : 44 cm x 64 cm
  • S : 47 cm x 67 cm
  • M : 50 cm x70 cm
  • L : 53 cm x 73 cm
  • XL : 56 cm x 75 cm
  • XXL : 58 cm x 77 cm
  • XXXL : 60 cm x 79 cm

     An extra fee will be charged for sizes above XL

    IMPORTANT: Please select the options based on your order quantity!


    Manual screen printing

    • +Rp 10.000 - Rp 35.000

    DTF screen printing

    • +Rp 15.000 - Rp 45.000


    • +Rp 15.000

    Size XXL

    • +Rp 7.000

    Size XXXL

    • +Rp 14.000


    There are 200+ refugees from the Middle East and African countries who are located in Serpong, Indonesia alone - living off development funds that are barely enough to support their families basic needs. They spend their hours at home, with no form of coping from the trauma and violence they experienced. 

    Through our House of Freedom, we help them get back up on their feet by providing hard and soft skill classes, education workshops, food distribution, and community support.

    This product is created passionately by our makers - the refugee ladies - and proceeds from your purchase today will be reinvested into House of Freedom, enabling us to train more women and give purpose and dignity through their work.